A fitted bedroom – where there is a place for everything and everything has its place, at last! It cannot help but make a tidier, more organised person out of you. If you are already tidy and organised, it cannot help but gladden your heart. Not to mention the satisfaction you’ll get from lying in bed and admiring the room.

Your perfect bedroom might be an amazing  set of wall-to-wall sliding doors in a contemporary finish, or it might be a more classic and understated timber or painted finish. Both come with matching dressing chests (fitted or unfitted), bedside chests and mirrors. Of course it’s the arrangement of space behind the wardrobe doors which will test our designer’s mettle, and perhaps some serious de-cluttering will need to be discussed. But given the range of options for filling the space you’re bound to get sorted – even if your shoe collection rivals that of Imelda Marcos! Now for lighting, wallpaper and curtains…

Dressing rooms

This is where fitted wardrobes and furniture really come into their own and the arrangement of the whole area is totally personal to its usually female owner. Yes, men have dressing rooms too but they do not have anywhere near as much stuff – or such clear preferences! Women’s preferences and routines are the very essence of their dressing rooms so it’s well worth spending time discussing how all this can be put together to achieve a wholly satisfactory layout which also looks a million dollars.

For your wish list:

  • custom built fitted wardrobe
  • sliding doors with panels or mirrors
  • freestanding wardrobe
  • flexible hanging rails at full or half height
  • pull-out shelving, drawers, racks and trays
  • tie, belt or trouser racks
  • deep drawers and shelves for blankets or winter bedding
  • TV shelf
  • somewhere for storing the ironing board
  • shoe racks
  • trinket compartments