Colored Glass Tile

Namely iridescent glass mosaic tile, has cubic stone shape with colorful color. Designed for active living, the product has a surface which is 14mm thick. There are some irregular shapes of the beautiful materials, such as fan and leaf, sizes of which are respectively 20x42x8mm and 20x20x8mm. Our product is perfect for bedroom and bathroom walls and can give you a good feeling everyday.

As a professional mosaic manufacturer and supplier, our company has 15 years production experience in the mosaic industry. We have been researching and developing new products all the time, and now we have produced colored glass tile, which includes stained glass mosaic tile, color changing glass tile, and multi color glass tile, etc. As a result, customers can choose their favorite products among all the optional series. Our product is widely used in places like hotel, bar, and parlor, etc.

Compared with ordinary mosaic tiles, this product made of different colored glasses, has rich and gorgeous color and looks like colorful glass with unique classicism. Thanks to the fine workmanship of the product, same specifications of every colored glass block, and tidy and smooth edges of every single piece, the product has an excellent paving effect. Moreover, the colored glass block is featured with high quality, transparent appearance, pure color, and good brightness, so the color of our product is extremely attractive. Besides, the water absorption of the product is zero. What’s more, the product is resistant to acid, base, and corrosion. In consequence, the product enjoys long life span.