Loop Pattern Stone Mixed Glass Crystal Mosaic Tile

Loop pattern stone mixed glass crystal mosaic tile is the combination of marble and glass. Composed of long and thin stone and square glass, the product forms lots of small patterns in repeat. It is a symbol of constant wealth accumulation into the house in traditional Chinese culture. The product is perfect for use in kitchen and bedroom, and so on.


As a professional mosaic tile manufacturer, our company produces all kinds of loop pattern stone mixed glass crystal mosaic tiles. Our production capacity is 1500 square meters per month, so we can satisfy the heavy demand of our customers. Located in Pearl River Delta, our company enjoys unique geographic advantages and has convenient land, sea, and air transportation, so we can save transportation cost to the greatest degree.

The special product type is composed of glass crystal mosaic and stone mosaic tile, which are paved into loop pattern through particular way. The pattern stands for wealth in traditional Chinese culture. Our company provides various color schemes, so you can have many choices in both warm colors and cold colors. Moreover, the product is fade-proof, with water absorption of zero, so it is a good choice for swimming pool. Besides, the product can be used in kitchen, bathroom, and so forth.