Square Glass Mosaic Tile

Square glass mosaic tile, button series of crystal mixed stone type, is mixture of natural stone and glass. The glass which has glossy, matte and textured finish can give you the feeling of another dimension. The product has a chip size of 1/2″x1/2″ and a sheet size of 12″x12″. It is 8mm thick. We can also supply three popular sizes, namely 15x15x8mm, 15x15x6mm, and 23x23x6mm. Moreover, the mesh mount can provide convenience for installation. Our product is perfect for kitchen back splash, bar, bathroom, wall, and light floor, etc.


As a professional square glass tile manufacturer and supplier, our company produces various kinds of square glass mosaic tiles. Our products can be divided into three types, chip sizes of which are respectively 15mm*15mm*8mm, 15mm*15mm*6mm, and 23mm*23mm*6mm. Our product is resistant to acid-base and compression, so it can be used both inside and outside.

Square glass mosaic tile is composed of square crystal mosaic and stone mosaic, which have the same size, so the paving collocation can be more diversified. The product contains two or more colors, and the gradual change of colors can create pattern effect. The square mosaic is small and crystal, just like an exquisite button. Our company has exquisite and mature technology, and we use diamond abrasive tool to do the rough polishing for our crystals first, then we use high quality polishing powder to make them crystal and clear. Besides, we adopt special three-dimensional appearance design, so the square mosaic will always create rich stereoscopic visions even under different lighting effects.