Stone Mixed Glass Crystal Mosaic Tile

Stone mixed glass crystal mosaic tile, free style series of crystal mixed stone mosaic tile, is the blend of natural stone and glass. The glass which has glossy, matte and textured finish can give you a feeling of another dimension. Moreover, the product is easy to install and can give you a good living life. Our product is perfect for kitchen back splash, bar, bathroom, wall, and border which softens conventional ceramic tiled wall, etc.


As a professional crystal glass mosaic tile manufacturer and supplier, our company produces new type free style stone mixed glass crystal mosaic tile, which brings new expand space in mosaic industry. Our free style series can be divided into two types, both of which have various color schemes. Chip sizes of these two types are respectively 23mm*48mm*98mm*8mm and 23mm*48mm*48mm*8mm, and sheet sizes of them are both 300mm*300mm.

As an artwork for decoration, mosaic is small and flexible, and it is widely used in decoration of wall or ground. Composed of natural stone and crystal, stone mixed glass crystal mosaic tile can have changeable chip sizes compared with ordinary mixed mosaic. We can freely combine and assemble based on the knowledge of plane geometry, and it is this kind of freedom that will give mosaic pattern more features and imagination. Besides, glass and stone are nontoxic, fade-proof, acid-base resistant, and corrosion resistant, and have zero water absorption, so the product enjoys long life span and can be widely used in swimming pool, kitchen, bathroom, and other indoor or outdoor places.