Stone Mixed Glass Mosaic Tile

Stone mixed glass mosaic tile is the blend of natural stone and glass. Its strong and rich colors, together with matt and ancient feeling, can give you a good 3D feeling. The product is perfect for use in kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, etc.

As a professional stone mixed glass mosaic tile manufacturer, our company provides all kinds of stone mixed glass mosaic tiles. We adopt superior glass and stone materials, and control the quality of our product from the beginning, so our product is certainly practical and durable. Besides, you can match freely because of various collocations and rich colors of our products.

The product is a new type mosaic which is the combination of glass and natural stone. Compared with ordinary glass mosaic or stone mosaic, the product is made of two kinds of materials which have different textures. The brightness and transparence of glass, together with the marble texture diversity, can give a stronger visual impact. The glass shines and glitters in the soft tone of marble, which adds an element of mystery to the product. Due to the artistic appearance, the product has stronger decorative effect than traditional ceramic tile. Besides, the product is 8mm thick, so it is resistant to compression and deformation.