Stone with Crystal Mosaic Tile

Designed with slender chips of marble and crystal, the exquisite stone with crystal mosaic tile can bring you extreme enjoyment, and it is widely used in European-style luxury decoration, and elegant and exquisite environment. The marble mosaic is about 8mm thick and 9x42mm square, which can give you a real wide spatial sense.


Our product enjoys a very large market share among all kinds of mixed mosaic. As a professional crystal glass mosaic tile manufacturer and supplier, our company produces all types of glass mosaic tiles, including strip series, loop pattern series, square series, and free style series, etc.

The product is the mixture of crystal and stone. After high temperature melting treatment, glass crystal mosaic has gorgeous color and transparent appearance, and it is acid-base resistant, fade-proof, and flame retardant. As a kind of eco-friendly substance with low radiation, every single piece of stone has special natural texture. Consequently, the product not only enjoys beautiful and unique appearance, but also has stable chemical property without any pollution. Besides, the water absorption of the product is zero, so it will not deform or yellow in swimming pool. As a result, the product can be used as swimming pool tile.