Swimming Pool Glass Tile

Our company produces swimming pool glass tiles of different sizes, including 25x25x4mm and 50x50x4mm, etc. The product can be used in places like bathroom, swimming pool, and so on.

As a professional glass tile manufacturer, our company has produces swimming pool glass tile, which is specially designed for swimming pool. We have two types for swimming pool, chip sizes of which are respectively 25mm *25mm *4mm and 50 mm *50mm *4mm, and sheet sizes of which are separately 300 mm *300 mm and 312 mm *312 mm. The product is well suited for swimming pool, because it is made of glass, which is acid-base resistant, corrosion resistant, and fade-proof, and has good cold and hot stability and zero water absorption.

Our product has high intensity and zero water absorption, so it will not swell or deform or change color even soaked in water solution for a long time. Due to the strict workmanship, every piece of mosaic has neat edges and same size and same thickness. As a result, good evenness can be guaranteed even in large area paving, so the installation of glass mosaic tile can be quite satisfying. Moreover, the compression strength of our product is 400Mpa, so it can endure hydraulic pressure in the swimming pool for a long time. Besides, the unique color design will satisfy psychological requirement in a better way.