Tiles and stone

Visitors absolutely love our tile warehouse: “Like a sweet shop…… an art gallery……I keep discovering new ideas every time I come in……! ”  Of course, this is what shopping is all about! A bit of excitement, a lot of choice and some timely advice on helping you to make the right one.

We have some really stunning room settings and beautiful tile ranges on display, as well as a great tile library and extensive resources. Whether you know precisely what you want, or you don’t yet have a clue, we can help you! Our consultants will do the research for you, suggest tiling schemes, give you practical and technical advice, provide detailed estimates for tiles and fixing materials – all the while keeping your budget in mind. Remember:

Expensive tiles, used sparingly, can be quite affordable.    Inexpensive tiles, used cleverly,can look a million dollars!

  • Tiles direct from Italy – we can offer you the pick of some of the famous Italian factories direct to Cornwall in as little as two weeks! Exclusive ranges, particularly floor tiles with indoor finish to outdoor finish in the same range. This great video will show you what we mean:    https://www.youtube.com/embed/dDJcQxoqQ60
  • Sicis Elements and Peronda mosaics – glorious colours for a little bit (or a lot) of glamour. Not to mention Dune…
  • Beautiful deep Persian glazes from Noreen Jaafar of  Jaafar Design, developed during Noreen’s degree course at Falmouth. Her ‘Water Colours’ series was designed in conjunction with us here at Tiles and Interiors, and is exclusive to us.
  • Premium natural stone from Indonesia in lovely colours: some very soft like Sumba, some very striking, but all classy.
  • Victorian tiles, Arts and Crafts tiles and Art Deco tiles for listed properties, traditional cottages, and yes, ultra contemporary spaces.
  • Bespoke glass from Steve Robinson and local artist Ali Gibson (Off the Wall Glass).
  • Also available: great tiles at contract prices!