Wall Glass Mosaic Tile

Wall glass mosaic tile, namely clear crystal glass mosaic tile, has a wide range of products with different sizes. The product is about 4mm, 6mm, or 8mm thick. This beautiful product is widely used in places like swimming pool, bathroom, and wall, etc.


As a professional mosaic company integrating research and development and production, our company has produced new type wall glass mosaic tile. The product has overcome limitations of traditional mosaic in terms of paving, for it can combine different mosaics, which have different geometric shapes, materials, sizes, and colors, into a beautiful pattern. For example, glass stone mosaic tile is a special mosaic tile composed of different stones and glasses with different colors and sizes. As a result, the pattern is no longer monotonous, now it is changeable and has a better visual effect.

Glass wall mosaic tile is a recycled product made of new type ecological glass, which does not contain harmful halide. Consequently, it is eco-friendly, and it is good for the recycling of glass. The compression strength of our product is 400Mpa, which means that it can endure high strength shock. Moreover, the product is convenient to pave, just the same as other mosaics. Besides, the water absorption of the product is zero, so it can be used outside the house or under the water.