A wetroom with a frameless shower screen – or even none at all – increases that luxurious sense of space in your bathroom. Floors can be tiled or finished with a vinyl soft floor surface – with underfloor heating for real bathroom luxury – and the water drains away to a gully under the floor.

Installing a shower tray level with the floor surface or, if the drain cannot go under the floor, raising the level of the shower area, can be a more economical option. Either way you can dispense with sliding / opening / folding doors and having to clean all those awkward little spaces!

Wetroom systems of either type have been proven over many years and should be installed by specialists. Many of the negative comments you may have heard about wetroom installations are down to misinformation, a lack of specialist knowledge or poor installation. Don’t be put off!

Future proofing. We’re now living longer and looking forward to comfortable later years.  Installation of a level wetroom can future proof your bathroom, promising you ease of access and safety for when you might be less fit. Just as important, the fantastic range of shower seats, grab bars and other aids now available will mean your bathroom will always look stylish-even to your grandkids!