Orange County Tiles and Stone Wholesale

The use of tiles and stones as decorative and building materials have existed since ancient times. Over the years, tiles have gained perennial popularity and are now the primary element in bringing the interior and exterior of buildings to finish.

A person who has never taken on a tiling and stone project in the past may find it challenging to know which type of tiles they need. At Orange County Tiles, we provide flooring services to many clients, such as homes, offices, and government in Orange County.

OC Tiles have been in the market for decades now, and as such, we know what our customers want. We go over and beyond to ensure that our clients get what they want and even more. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Below are the types of tiles that are available in our stores

Ceramic Tiles – They are highly durable and require less maintenance. Ceramic tiles are popularly used for interior and exterior building finish and beauty. Ceramic tiles are also suitable for walls, roofs, footpaths, and swimming pools. They are an excellent choice for your office or home. They offer protection against stains and abrasion and keep the floor warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Glass Tile – Just like ceramic tiles, glass tiles are resistant to stains and easy to maintain. Once installed, glass tiles are incredibly durable. If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen and want something that stands out, then glass tiles will do just fine. At OC Tiles, we have a vast glass tile collection with sleek designs, beautiful colors, and unique shapes. Some off our glass tile collections include:

  • Abstracts Collection
  • Affordable Glass Collection
  • Alaska Collection
  • Allure Collection
  • Artistic Murals Collection
  • Cloud 9 Collection

In addition to Ceramic and Glass tiles, we also sell Laminate tiles, countertops, Vinyl Sheet, Mosaics, and natural stone.

We have the largest inventory selection in Anaheim of different stones, tiles, and marble products.

Best Prices in Anaheim

Many customers out there worry about the prices of the tiles. However, unlike other stores that promise to sell at low prices, at OC Tiles, we guarantee it. We provide the best quality flooring products and services in Orange County. Visit our stores today and get yourself the best tiles and stones.