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Pandora Matte Waved Quarter round 1 x 12


Pandora Matte 1/4 Round 1×12 (80 pc box)

Collection Pandora
Type Ceramic Trims
Weight Per Piece 0.50 Lbs
Edge Rectified
Country of Origin Asia
Look 3D Wall
Finish N/A
Colors White
Technical Specification
Abrasion Resistance <175 mm3
Application Floor & Wall
Breaking Strength, in N N/A
Chemical Resistant Resistant
DCOF Acutest >0.42
DIN 51130 R9
Frost Resistant Resistant
MOHS (Scratch Resistant) 0-10
PEI Rating 0-5
Shade Variation V1 (uniform appearance)
Staining Resistance >Class 3
Thermal Shock Resistant
Type of Porcelain Glazed Tile
Water Absorption <= 0.05%